Jill Burrow

Jill Burrow

Since we started this project, one of our purposes has been to be able to collaborate with different artists. We want Disco Rojo not only to be a brand but also to be an inspiring space to dream and create.

Jill Burrow is an artist that I admire a while ago. I discovered her work when I saw one of her underwater photographs and fall in love with her aesthetics.

Just a few months ago we started to plan a collaboration with some pieces from our Marbled Collection and we thought about using some of the materials which I think identify her work: jello and flowers.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we had some difficulties releasing the final result but finally, here they are.

"I am an American photographer, art director, and mother of two based in the Midwest. My work ranges from still life to fashion and seeks to intrigue observers by teetering the line between reality and surrealism. In my imagery, I combine the ordinary with the uncommon, while using beauty as an anchor to tell a story.

For inspiration, I draw from beauty found in the natural world, architecture, and the graceful strength of sunlight. Beginning with an ordinary object or a simple scene found in everyday life, my concepts build and progress through the goal of finding a way to elevate the ordinary into an expression of unique observation and vision." 







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